The Soloist is the perfect overdrive pedal for players who want to take their tone to the next level! With its unique blend of power and control, this pedal gives you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

New Features Include:

  • Exact Original SOLOIST Circuit, Now with Added Features.
  • Soft FootSwitch
  • Amp-Like Mode – Produces a Cranked Amp Tone
  • KingTone Setting  Fattens The Tone And Adds Edge Bite For a  Unique Massive Tone
  • SRV MOD Mode – Adds a Clean Signal To the Drive Tone Giving it more Push and Dynamics.
  • RGB LED – Set The LED To Any Color
  • Protected Knobs – No More Cables Or Feet Messing With The Settings But Still Easy To Adjust.
  • External Dip Switches For Easy Fine Adjustment
  • Custom Designed CNC Case


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The SOLOIST is the ultimate overdrive pedal, offering glassy clean tones, fat lead sounds, and sustain for days. It adds character and warmth to any guitar tone, whether used with a clean amp or to drive tube amps into lush, singing overdrive. 

The wide-range drive control spans from glassy, amp-like clean to heavy, sustaining overdrive. The high output volume control can push any amp into breakup. The tone control allows you to finesse the frequency response, while the Body control introduces the lows and warmth often missing from overdrive pedals. When cranked, it delivers chunky, fat riff tones.

The pedal features three settings for the top end: Edge, Stock, and Glass. These settings allow you to go from glassy tube sounds and warm classic drive tones to full-on screaming hollow tube tones. New features include the KingTone setting, which changes the voicing of the pedal to have an edgy vocal top end and chunky bass. The $100,000 setting is one of the most exciting features we’ve ever added to a pedal, offering classic and unforgettable asymmetrical, fuzzy, warm lead tones reminiscent of amps that sell for hundreds of dollars.

The SRV MOD setting adds in a clean signal to the mix, enhancing clarity and dynamics. Finally, the Amp-Like setting delivers a wide, cranked tube amp sound, providing a boosted output and letting the guitar’s natural tone shine through.

Built to last a lifetime, the SOLOIST is more than just an overdrive pedal—it’s a reinvention that gives your guitar a powerful and distinct voice. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can experience the magic of the SOLOIST with confidence.

The SOLOIST [String Singer] is side ‘A’ of the Duellist Pedal in Black.

  • The Unique Tone of Side ‘A’ of The DUELLIST
  • A Reinvention Of A Classic Overdrive, Bringing New Powerful Features
  • ‘Edge’ and ‘Glass’ adds a Glassy,  Hollow, Tube’y Bite to your Tone
  • Body Control – Adds most and Fatness often missing from overdrive pedals.
  • KingTone Setting – Changes Overall Voicing
  • Amp-Like Setting – Cranked Amp Tones
  • SRV MOD Setting – Mixes a Clean Signal  to the Drive
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • Soft Foot Switch
  • RGB LED – Set it to any Color
  • True Silent Bypass
  • Recessed Knobs, Adjust From Top or Side
  • Carefully Matched And Selected Components
  • High Quality 4558 Chips
  • A Unique And Highly Sought After Pedal
  • Stunning LASER Engraved Control Panel
  • 9-18 volts
  • Battery or DC Supply
  • Limited Edition
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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