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The BlueBirds were designed in 2006 and have maintained the precise,  exacting specs and tone throughout production.
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BlueBird J1 – Electric Guitar Pickups (Set of 3)

Upgrade your tone with the BlueBird J1s

These BlueBird pickups were designed in 2006 and have maintained the precise,  exacting specifications and tone throughout production. The acclaimed BlueBird J1s are a meticulously crafted set of single coil electric guitar pickups, exuding  vintage note bloom and warmth. Their addictive woody sound, evocative of true vintage sets, imparts a rich and detailed tone, with a subtle hint of glassiness on the top end for a perfectly playable sound. The bridge pickup, resembling those found in the best sounding 50s and 60s Strats, delivers a full and playable tone without the harshness associated with overwound  pickups. The BlueBirds boast that hard to acquire, woody and glassy bloom, commonly only heard in the most sought-after vintage sets.

Considered by many to be the closest thing to a true vintage Strat pickup, the BlueBirds have been made with the same specifications and tone for over a decade.  Thousands of players from around the world have chosen the BlueBirds for their clarity and note bloom. The BlueBird J1s are an investment in tone, offering a decade-proven, vintage-inspired, airy and woody sound that enhances the overall sound of your guitar, pedals and amps.

  • Delicate High-End Detail and Bloom.
  • Crystal Clear Clean Tones with No Harshness or “Ice-Pick” Top End.
  • Hear Significantly Improved Performance from Drive and Fuzz Pedals.
  • Staggered AlNoCo V Magnets.
  • Vintage Spec Heavy Formvar 42 AWG Wire.
  • Scatter Wound on Custom Winding Machines.
  • Extended Low End.
  • Fits 7.25″ to 12″ Radius Neck.
  • More clarity from  fuzz and drive tones
  • As used by Jesse Davey and Many Others.
  • A Set of 3 Carefully Balanced Strat Pickups. Neck, Middle, Bridge.
  • Hand Bevelled Pole Pieces.
  • Supplied with Waxed Cloth Wire.
  • Custom Mix Wax Potted to Reduce Microphonic Feedback.
  • Upgraded Bobbins for Longevity and Robustness.
  • Boxed with Screws and Fixings.
  • Ships With ‘Vintage White’ Pickup Covers.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


NECK – 5.8k

MIDDLE – 5.7k

BRIDGE – 5.6k

About the Builder

Jesse’s lifelong devotion to crafting the perfect guitar pickup has led to the creation of the BlueBird J1s, widely considered the premier choice for professional and discerning musicians. With over thirty years of experience, starting at the age of 16 with hand-made wooden bobbins and a modified drill press led him to develop more complex and precise pickups winding equipment. Through the years of experimentation and design changes led to deep understanding of pickup design and manufacturing. Jesse’s relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in pickups of unparalleled quality. Now utilizing custom-made winding machines, Jesse’s dedication and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in a set of single coil Strat pickups that rival the best true vintage sets.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.25 in


  1. matteobordi (verified owner)

    After changing the stock pickups in my Fender Stratocaster from 2004 with the Bluebird J1 I really feel a great improvement in the my guitat tone. Fat punchy sound perfect for blues. I’m not really good in describing the sound of these pickups just by words. I think the satetement in the description is just perfect: Monster tone.
    Thanks Jesse


    As each pickup naturally picks up a bit of each adjacent string, the guitar delivers a full, chimey tone that has a faint chorusing effect and a unique sound to be sure.

  3. Daily alexa

    I know that there are a lot of boutique pickups for Strats out there, but knowing that these ones have been designed by an amazing blues guitar player like Jesse Davey was a sort of quality insurance for me. Before ordering them I sent emails to the company asking several questions, Jesse itself replied to me with all the answers that I was looking for, another good sign of the reliability of this company.

  4. Jonathon Herr (verified owner)

    I’ve owned many strats with all kinds of pickups over the last 20 year. These are absolutely fantastic! They are very well balanced and articulate. They sound amazing clean and overdriven. Paired with the kingtone switch (I purchased the standard version), these offer a tone of tonal options that really expand the versatility of this set. Very cool. I cannot recommend highly enough!

  5. toneranger58 (verified owner)

    I had my 58 Strat stolen years ago, and couldn’t replace it. These pickups have given me the tone I’ve been searching for in my non vintage Strat. My guitar now sounds just like the vintage Strat I couldn’t afford to replace. I couldn’t be happier. I am a big fan of all of Jessie’s products, love the Fuzz and OD pedals.

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