King Tone Switch


Opens The Door To Tone

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Opens The Door To Tone.

  • Fits Inside Your Guitar
  • 4 Tone Positions
  • True Bypass
  • 5 Minute Easy Install. Install Video Here
  • Replaces The Often Unused Lower Tone Control
  • Opens Up A Huge Range Of Incredible Tones
  • If there is a secret to great tone this might be it. Really!

This switch is fully encapsulated to protect against moisture. The design is 100% passive meaning you don’t need a battery. Its super easy to install, just two wires, one connects to the earth, the other wire connects to the Volume Pot. Easy!!
This is what Guitar World had to say about it.

Its true bypass so it won’t effect your normal tone, but will you want to go back to your normal tone?

The Sound.

  1. True Bypass, Your Normal Tone Is Un-Effected
  2. 100% Vaughan, Tubey Bite, Lots Of Attack, Fat, Warm
  3. Albert – What Can I Say The Switch Was Named After Him
  4. BB – Extremely Fat and Thick But Still Has Top End Bite.



  1. Richard Roestenburg

    The king tone switch is a great extension of your Strat tone palette! When you are playing fat blues rock, this is a great tool and offers a wide extra tonal range!

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